Kae (tafkae) wrote in ffxii_rating,

My pulse will be Quickenin' with each drop of strychnin' I feed to a pigeon~

Your Name, or Alias: Kae
Age: 20
Zodiac Sign: usually Leo, but I'm right on the line with Cancer... anyway, I don't care about horoscopes...
Height: 5'6"

Strong Points: I'm good at writing, and I... like to be helpful? I don't think I have many strengths, honestly.
Weak Points: Extremely lazy, have trouble opening up to friends, find it hard to care about other people, terribly indecisive and insecure, totally inept at relationships, always avoiding problems.
Likes: writing, role-playing, music, pasta dishes, warm cloudy days, trains, traveling, small children
Dislikes: college, being blown off, depressed people, being told what to do, loneliness, camping
Hobbies/Talents: Writing fiction and freeform role-playing are most of what I'm good at... I also enjoy reading, video games, and listening to music. Sometimes I draw, but not as much as I used to, and I'm getting worse at it as I go along. =\

What kind of a first impression do you believe you make?: shy and quiet to the point of rudeness, or otherwise getting in the way, which is also rude.
Describe yourself in Three Words: indecisive, cowardly, creative
Leader, or Follower?: More often a follower, but I wind up trying to take things into my own hands if no one else is leading, or if the ones leading are doing it wrong.
Optimistic, or Pessimistic?: more pessimistic.
Introvert or Extrovert?: VERY introvert. I'm scared of new people.
What Quote best describes your outlook?: "Oh God oh God we're all gonna die?"

When you acquire LP, do you most love to spend it on Weapons, Accessories, Magick, Boosts, or Technicks?: Actually, I went for the Quickenings first. But after that, it was a tie between Magick, Technicks, and Boosts, depending on which character I was using...
Most Beloved Character from FFXII: Right now it's a tie between Balthier and Rasler. Definitely not just because they're the hottest characters in the game.
Most Reviled Character from FFXII: I never liked Vaan much... he annoys me more than anything, by virtue of all the dumb stunts he pulled while I was still getting to know him...

Photos: Have a mirror picture worthy of Myspace.

Anything Else? I meant to vote on other entries, but I'm not sure if they're too old to vote on... ;;
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