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Your Name, or Alias: Megan Crivello (Maiden name :p) / Cestlavenus
Age:  24
Zodiac Sign: Aries, cusp of Pisces
Height: 5'2''

Strong Points: Sweet, cheerful, intuitive, active, loyal, quick learner
Weak Points:  Judgemental, bad-temper sometimes, kind of a drama queen, prone to distraction
Likes: Snow, singing, dancing, travel, being a dork with friends who are also dorks
Dislikes: Ignorance, arguements over petty things, hangovers
Hobbies/Talents: Ballroom dancing, Tai Chi, playing string instruments (cello/violin/guitar), singing, speed skating, languages (Latin, Greek, French, German, Italian, and Armenian) - I minored in comparative languages. :p

What kind of a first impression do you believe you make?:  A lasting one! I always try to come off as the type of person people want to get to know further, whether that means dressing up nice, making jokes all night, or, in cases of extreme emergency, getting drunk and butching some perfectly innocent karaoke song, I want people to leave the next day thinking "she was fun, we should call her next time we do this." :p
Describe yourself in Three Words:  Loud, vivid, loyal
Leader, or Follower?:  Depends on the situation - if things are going smoothly, I'm happy to follow.  If I'm working with idiots, just try and stop me from taking the lead. :p
Optimistic, or Pessimistic?: Optimistic.  If the world collapses around me, I don't want to be expecting it!
Introvert or Extrovert?:  I'm a little too much of an extrovert, I think sometimes people would prefer I just shut up. :p
What Quote best describes your outlook?:   I guess I'll use my yearbook quote here, since its still the most fitting for the way I think: "Papa says that there will always be evil in the world, and it is not evil that destroys evil, but only love." - HRH Grand Duchess Olga Nicolaievna Romanova

When you acquire LP, do you most love to spend it on Weapons, Accessories, Magick, Boosts, or Technicks?:  All of the quickenings first, and then all of the boosts, especially the HP and stregnth boosts.  All the rest can wait until they actually show up in the game, I want stuff that's useful NOW! XD
Most Beloved Character from FFXII: Basch - It was a toss up between him and Baltheir, but the knight-in-tarnished armour was just too cool for me not to love!
Most Reviled Character from FFXII: Er... Ashe.  Sorry everybody else in the world who loves her, I just thought that she could be a little nasty to her "friends," even toward the end.  I mean yeah, she's lost a lot, but so has everyone else in the party, and they're still willing to help her.  I will say I still do like Ashe, she's just my least liked character, but the main characters especially are so vibrant and well thought out that I really do like them all.

Photos: Please post as little as one, up to five clear photos of yourself. If you have none, a short description will do. :) 

I'm kind of LJ impaired, so in order to avoid the pain and utter heartbreak of broken image links, I'm just going to direct you to
a sub-album of my photobucket account, that has around 5 pics of me, mmmkay?  Should take no time at all to load. 

And if you're really brave, you can
go to my youtube account, there's 3 roughly 20 sec movies of me there that I took pretty much for LJ stamping purposes (and also because OMG MY CAMERA TOTALLY TAKES MOVIES YOU GUYS!   Seriously, I just found out. :p)

Anything Else? I love being around people and doing things in a group, even though I can be very fickle and have little patience for stupidity.  I'm always the first to try something new, but also the first to want to move onto the next new idea, and I'm very easily distracted by shiny things.  Friends say that I'm fun to hang around with, but that's usually after a drink or two. :p  I'm super loyal to those I love, but on the flip side I tend to be a bit of a viper once I decide I dislike someone... :p

Also, it's been pointed out to me that I have a tendency to use waaay too many smilies online.  Here comes one now! XD

There you go!  Hope I did this right... Now I'm off to vote for others!


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