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Overdrives > Quickenings

Your Name, or Alias: Peria, but my real name starts with a J.
Age: 15, 16 in December! :)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, but I act more like an Aries or Taurus.
Height: 5'7"

Strong Points: Friendly, openminded, helpful, understanding, ambitious, eager to learn new things, loves life and is willing to live it a little dangerously.
Weak Points: I'm a bit of a perfectionist and vain, as well as being ditzy, easily annoyed, indecisive, not the most honest girl out there.
Likes: -Taken from another app) FASHION, shopping, hanging out with friends, sunbathing, summer days and nights, my dogs, days at the beach, my favorite tv shows (America's Next Top Model, Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Reaper, almost anything on the CW lol), working out, yoga, eating my favorite snacks, european culture (Italy and Russia especially), astrology (Capricorns ftw!) magazines, juicy gossip, parties, cute boys~
Dislikes: Ignorance, racism, sexism, coffee, hospital dramas, country music, darkness, gloomy days, sarcasm, restrictions, not living up to my full potential, being judged wrongly.
Hobbies/Talents: Hobbies - I love hanging out with friends, fashion, listening to music, shopping, etc. As for talents, I'm very creative.

What kind of a first impression do you believe you make?: I hope I leave a good impression I'm people, I work hard to make myself look great and try to be friendly and approachable to everyone. I wouldn't want them to forget me~
Describe yourself in Three Words: Stylish, helpful, desire.
Leader, or Follower?: I prefer to lead, but I'll follow in awkward situations.
Optimistic, or Pessimistic?: An optimistic realist.
Introvert or Extrovert?: Once shy, now I'm more outgoing. I have no problem starting conversations or asserting myself to others.
What Quote best describes your outlook?: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”- Henry David Thoreau

When you acquire LP, do you most love to spend it on Weapons, Accessories, Magick, Boosts, or Technicks?: Weapons, they are the most useful for me.
Most Beloved Character from FFXII: Even though he is not a main character, Al-Cid left a big impression on me. I love his voice and he had a lot of charm. ;) I really liked Marquis Halim too.
Most Reviled Character from FFXII: I know she receives a lot of hate, but I can't stand Ashe either. I haven't finished the game yet, but from what I've seen she's way too serious and pretty bland. Most of the characters have an interesting quirk about them, nothing about Ashe stands out, in my personal opinion.

Photos: Please post as little as one, up to five clear photos of yourself. If you have none, a short description will do. :)
I'm a skinny brunette with brown eyes who is slightly taller than average.
Anything Else? I hope the mods start stamping people soon, from what I've seen not many people have been stamped, they've been waiting a long time too. But otherwise, this community is really nice. Can't wait to be stamped! ♥
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